Get Kids Excited to Summarize!

One thing I love about my job is getting kids excited about 4th grade reading. Some kids are natural readers and love diving into a good book. Others, it takes some coaxing. One thing I have found is that changing up an end product can do wonders to get a kid excited. I try to do books reports with my kids every 9 weeks. This allows them the chance to pick a chapter book of their choice to read. I like to give them a week or so to read their book. Then, we spend a day in class writing a book report. To go along with our Texas Unit, I designed a “Wanted” poster for good books. The kids had a great time filling out the poster on their book and sharing with the class. The posters were a great addition to the rest of our Texas themed projects. If you would like to download a free copy of this worksheet, please visit my teachers pay teacher store.¬†Happy Teaching!

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